Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

Dear Arowana community members,

Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

The Klaytn-based service launch, announced in the 2022 Arowana Roadmap, was one of the important tasks for the advancement of the Arowana project.

In line with the roadmap, Arowana implemented the Klaytn network Arowana NFT Marketplace to expand the service.
Now, Arowana NFT Marketplace can provide more advanced services to users and increase the convenience of use.

Service Expansion

Improvements and service updates by applying Klaytn Network to Arowana NFT Marketplace are as follows.

  1. Fast Transaction Speed
Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

Using the Klaytn network increases transaction speed.
When a transaction occurs, it can be completed in a very short time with a throughput of 4000 TPS until it is processed. Additionally, no additional verification is required when processing a transaction.
This can provide high-quality services in the sense that there is no delay when users purchase products or participate in an auction in Arowana NFT Market.

2. Low Transaction Fee

Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

Transaction fees will get lower.
When using the Klaytn network, transaction fees are more than 10 times cheaper than the Ethereum network. This provides a smooth product purchase environment for Arowana NFT Marketplace users and increases the probability of winning a bid by letting users participate multiple times without the burden of paying a high transaction fee.

3. NFT Data Edit

Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

NFT data can be modified after it is issued.
In the existing marketplace, it was impossible to modify the NFT after it has been issued, so even in the case of simple corrections such as detailed explanations/typos/errors, the NFT had to be burned and reissued after incineration. However, now, creators can edit the issued NFT, so they can sell through simple content correction without burning NFT when there is an error.
In addition, when using NFT products that are linked to physical products, it is possible to record in NFT itself whether rewards are used.

4. NFT Filter

Arowana NFT Marketplace Service Expansion

The filter has been added to speed up NFT product selection.
The following three filter functions have been added.

Through the filter above, users can select products that fit their tastes.

Implementing the Klaytn network in Arowana NFT Marketplace will increase the quality of the shopping environment.
We plan to provide users with a much wider range of NFT options in the future by issuing concert tickets, leisure/membership tickets, and arts by various artists.

So please stay tuned!

Thank you

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