Napoleon NFT Product Launch

Dear Arowana community members,

Arowana has been releasing various content after expanding its NFT Marketplace service by implementing the Klaytn network.
One of those NFT products released is the three types of ‘200th Anniversary of Napoleon’s Death’ NFT to commemorate the 200th year of Napoleon’s death.

<Napoleon NFT>

This Napoleon NFT product was created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death and the world premiere of the musical <Napoleon> tribute concert, inspired by the following three most historic events in Napoleon’s life.
1. Alps Expedition
2. Coronation of the Emperor
3. Battle of Waterloo

  1. Napoleon NFT — Alps Expedition

 Product Description
This NFT is inspired by the famous painting <Napoleon Crossing the Alps> by Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon’s court painter.
It depicts the imposing figure of Napoleon waving his red cloak and commanding the march at the end of May 1800, at the Great St. Bernard Pass in France.

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2. Napoleon NFT — Coronation of the Emperor

■ Product Description
This NFT product is featuring the historic coronation of Napoleon, who was elected emperor by a vote in December 1804, at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It was issued to commemorate the historical event of Napoleon, who called the Pope to Paris and placed a crown on his own head.

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3. Napoleon NFT — Battle of Waterloo

■ Product Description
The NFT was inspired by the historical event in June 1815, when Napoleon’s 120,000 troops were defeated at Waterloo, Belgium after an unreasonable battle between 200,000 British and Prussian allied forces.
This battle was the beginning of Napoleon’s exile to the island of St Helena, from which he could never escape.

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There are two benefits for the winning bidder of the Napoleon NFT:
1) Basic
2) Special

and the NFT has the most benefits among NFT products on the Arowana NFT Marketplace.

  1. Basic benefits
    – VIP pre-reservation (invitation)
    – The musical <Napoleon> tribute concert VIP pre-reservation and 2 VIP tickets
    – Original poster signed by all actors of the musical<Napoleon>(frame type)
    – Post the winner’s name(NFT holder) on the program book credit page(if desired)
    – 3 types of MD set
    – Invitation to production presentation, rehearsal, Sitzprobe
    – Invitation to the opening party and closing party
    – Provide newly changed NFT (NFT with real performers and French original sound source inserted within 1 month after the end of the performance)
    – 2 VIP tickets for the 2022 winter performance of <Napoleon>
  2. Special benefits
    When the value of the NFT goes up to 100 million KRW or more (Klaytn value).
    – All the basic benefit
    – Provide costumes worn by Napoleon and Josephine in the performances (after the entire tour performance)
    -Actor’s performance photo and autograph in frame
    – A two-hour private performance by a French lead cast for the winning bidder


The Napoleon NFT product was produced by the entertainment performance company HighEndandCore.
HighEndandCore mainly invests in and produces content such as musicals, movies, and dramas, as well as metaverse and NFT development. The company has curated famous musicals such as <Jesus Christ Superstar>, <Greece>, <Gone with the Wind>, and <Edgar Allan Poe>.
In addition, the company is specialized in planning and producing concerts by top foreign singers such as Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, and Beyonce.

As you can see from the benefits provided by the Napoleon NFT, the NFT provides the largest benefit among the benefits provided by Arowana NFT so far. The product is also very in that the winner of the bid can watch the performance of the original French musical member of the musical <Napoleon>, and there is a special benefit of being able to watch a two-hour private performance if the NFT value increases in the future.

Do not miss out on the chance and be part of the bidder now!

Thank you

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