A crypto wallet that can safely store and utilize digital assets in a mobile environment by linking with SNS accounts.


Safeguarding Digital Assets

• Once hackers get access to the centralized server, a large number of private keys can be stolen from the wallet regardless of your intention.
• On the other hand, the decentralized wallet is secure from hackers except for incidental mistakes.
• Digital assets are easily transferred and deposited through QR codes.

• Convenient log-in to SNS accounts
• User-oriented electronic signature through biometric authentication
• Secure private keys storage through Keystore


Convenient and Smart

digital asset management

• The process of sharing digital assets and transferring their ownership can be irritating and time-consuming
• Wallet address management efficiently organizes by registering the verified unique identifiers

• Token exchange through Uniswap API and conversion of Arowana tokens into Aro Credit
• Digital asset exchange scope expansion through the service diversification



with Arowana Alliance

•   Currently supporting ARW, KLAY, ETH and will expand to other virtual assets  

• NFT purchase from the Arowana NFT market
• High-yield investment through the staking service
• Continuous digital asset service expansion

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